Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Dreaming of Fishing Soon!!

It has definitely been a while now since I got my tackle out.  I have had a very busy year which has not allowed time for fishing. So, I am sorry to all those that follow my fishing blog. This year I have made a promise to myself that I have to make time for the fishing.

I am sat at my desk at work dreaming of catching Arapaima and other huge fish. I must admit I am also keen to go after a Julian price carp this year. I tried a few times before but I kept catching giant Chinese carp which is not a problem really.
Huge fish in Chiang Mai

I have also seen on a catch report that a 56kg Giant Meakong Cat fish was caught from Paradise lake while fishing with one of Dreamlakes guides. This is a huge fish for this lake. There are many rumors of fifty or sixty kilo fish but they are normally just the normal fisherman's tales.

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  1. Hi there, great blog - some lovely fish!
    I was just wondering if you have ever fished Teak Tree Fishing Lake (, and if so, how it compares to Dream Lake. Are they similar in size? size of fish? ease of catching? anything else!
    Thank you for your efforts - keep on writing...