Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A Nice Peacock Bass from Dreamlake in Thailand

A nice Peacock Bass from Dream Lake
Dreamlake gave up a large peacock bass but 2 other larger fish slipped the hook, one returning a large Siamese carp scale. Chaz a new fisherman to Dream Lake  caught a small Pacu very early on, this put a smile on his face.
Chaz with his first Pacu
I feel the lake was fishing a bit slow and there was very little surface movement compared to normal. I think the fish were waiting for the rain which turned up only hours after we left and has been coming down in down pours ever since. I just hope it keeps coming because if it does I will be heading back to lake next weekend.
Fishing in Thailand is always full of surprises. 

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Alligator Gar

I have had a couple of nice Alligator Gar myself , not that they are my favorite fish to catch, due to their teeth that protrude viciously out of their mouths. They are pretty impressive prehistoric fish it has to be said.
None of my fish have been even close to these Huge beasts I am still not sure if the have been 'Photo Shopped'