Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Man Op Fishing Park Chiang Mai

Located on the Hand Dong Road heading out of town. This well established man made ponds holds a wide variety of fish big and small. The main targeted species is the plaa dook or the Gunthers walking catfish. It is stocked regularly from one of the holding ponds surrounding the lake.  These fish are generally caught at well under a kilo but larger fish pushing 10 kilos have been caught.
This fishing lake also holds plenty of small fry and also some larger Mekong Cat fish but these are definitely more elusive than the other species in the lake.
The lake gets very crowed on Wednesday evening as there is a completion that takes place every weekend it is light hearted and a good laugh as long as you can cast straight….it only cost about a hundred baht to enter  and there are plenty of prizes given away every hour. Go on give it a go….

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