Thursday, 19 August 2010

Bueng Farm Fishing

Pai Northern Thailand
I have to say a big thank you to Run and Orn the owners of a beautiful man made lake in the idilic location of Pai northern Thailand. Pai is about three hours drive from Chiang Mai and is very popular with Thai and foreigners alike.
A good net of fish for Thailand
I took the family away for a long week end. The wife was more then happy with the location and I was more than satisfied with the fishing. The lake holds a wide range of species. from Talapia to Red Tails although not very big yet, they have only been stocked for just over a year. I was not to worried about these fish as I can catch them closer to home and a lot bigger. I got out the pole and spent the weekend stretching the red hydro under the strain hard fighting fish. I had the 10lb bottom line occasional smashed by unknown monsters, but other then that the pole held up rather well.

The final day saw a good afternoons fishing after doing the bare back elephant riding in the morning. The fish were smaller then the previous day, but none the less ready to jump on the hook. Much to the disbelief of the local Thai anglers. I managed to put about 35 kilos in the net and released another few kilos of Siamese carp that I didn't want to put in the net for fear of these being very fragile fish.

Can't Remember their names.....
She caught her first fish, too.

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